Monday, February 4, 2013

Who Are These People: Lauren

My Lu.  LuBear.  LuLuMagoo.  Warlen.

A sweeter, more sensitive child I do not know.  She is a lover.  She is bashful.  She the Yin to that other one's Yang.

She is dutchy.  Like serious-style.  Sometimes I try to convince myself that she's speaking in that hoped for 'twin language', but if she is, Kate doesn't understand her dialect.  Every once in a while, she'll pop out a sentence that is as plain and clear that anyone who heard me say she was Dutchy, would roll their eyes.  Others, baby girl needs an interpreter.  A few words I try to set her up to say:
Orange - aweeenchhhhh
Oklahoma - hOkEmOma
Jackapoo - just a sweeter version of how you'd say it

She gets so excited about things.  Big eyes, O shaped mouth, palms up, shock and awe.

She has lots of tricks - she jumps from everything, she climbs up on anything, she does jumping jacks and somersaults.  And before she does, she always says, "Watch!" about 49 times.

She is such a lover.  She likes to play with big kids and adults who will hold her.  She still loves to be wrapped and held like a baby.  One of her latest tactics to get us to snuggle her is to say either, "I tired" or "I cold" when she is neither, she just knows that those things involve snuggling.

They've got my number at bedtime.  They are both weaned off of their pacifiers (suckers)...just for the last two weeks, I'm weak.  But instead of taking away one thing to think of at bedtime, it has been replaced with about 14 others.  Now, they have to have a drink, and their blankets covering them in a certain order, and their babies and their blankies.  It's ridiculous.  Dan gets irritated with me, because I allow the nonsense, I did however recently put my foot down and say 'no'....when Lauren said she needed her gloves on.

This child is sensitive.  Yell at her, she cowers like a beaten dog.  Yell at anyone around her and she just wilts...and then cries.  Tell her 'no' and mean it - cry.  Slap her hand when she's doing something that could hurt her - cry.  Comfort her sister who is hurt - she cries.  In church, Christmas eve service.  Kate was being a hoodlum and bouncing around.  She caught her chin on the pew in front of us and busted her lip.  She wailed, Pop scooped her up and left the sanctuary.  And then Lauren REALLY wailed.  She was not hurt, she was not feeling sympathy pain, she just needed to know that sissy was ok.  They're such good friends.

The girls don't always do everything together, but they are always together.  Maybe one is playing babies and one is reading a book, but they are backed up to each other.  Maybe one is sitting at the big table for lunch and the other refuses and wants to sit at the kid's table...they'll be together before I get everything on the table and sit down myself.  It doesn't seem to be a power thing.  One does not give in, they just naturally end up together.  This weekend, Kate was down for her nap a little longer than Lauren.  I needed to run to the store, and I thought it would be so fun for Lauren to go - just the two of us.  She was so excited to get her shoes on and get into the car to go shopping!  And then, on our seven minute excursion (we were in Laverne) she asked about or mentioned Sissy 8 times.

She is a little momma.  Where Kate is the bossy one, Lauren is the comforter.  All her babies always are crying.  She has to swaddle them and nurse them (hilarious!) and shhhhh them and rock them.  She works so hard keeping her babies happy.  I love to see and hear familiar things though...bouncing and patting the baby who is resting on her shoulder, kisses that make it 'allll behhhr'.  Presh.

For every characteristic I recognize in Kate, there is one that I am in awe of in Lauren.  She is patient and quiet and reserved and calm.  Her hair lays in soft, beautiful curls right out of bed each morning.  She is lean and strong and  able.  She makes whoever has her feel like she is their girl.  She makes me go a little slower - not because she needs extra help or is slow herself, but because in watching her, I can see that there are times that it's just more fun to slow down and take your time.  She makes me more sensitive - because sometimes it doesn't have to be loud and busy, sometimes quiet and calm gets the job down just as well.  

I'm watching you, little girl.  Be patient, Momma will learn the lesson...

There are no words for just how much....

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