Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who Are These People: Jack

*Disclaimer: Writer will not be held responsible for electrical problems that result from drool onto computer*

Jack.  Baby Jack.  Jackapoo.  PoohBear.

Every Momma should have a little boy.  Goodness.

He is learning how to sleep through the night right now.  It was super sad for about two days, then he caught right on!  He is still getting up once at about 4:00, but just two weeks ago he was asking for me at 11:00, 2:00 AND 4:00.  Winning!

He is ALL boy.  He is daring and reckless and has a post pubescent voice!  When he bellows, babbles, or bawls - you can tell he's a he.

All of our kids are great eaters, but Jack is the most impressive right now.  He can put it away!!  He is brave to try new things and is seemingly bottomless!  Here is Papa Terry feeding him sweet potatoes.

As we near the anniversary of my Papa Eells' death, I can't help but think that maybe Jack would have been his buddy.  He loved a baby...he especially loved a chill, happy, well fed child!  

He is such a happy pumpkin.  Smiling is his favorite.

His sisters adore him, big time.  They ask about him first thing in the morning, every morning.  They look out for him.  They mother him.  They smother him.

He is also the third child.  This happened last week while it was snowing.  I left the back door open to take some pictures of the girls.  When I turned around, Jack had army crawled outside (in the snow, with one sock on) to see what was going on!

We kinda have a 'thing' going on.  He may be a bit of a Momma's boy.  I basically light up his life...even looking like I sometimes do.  We make out, we snuggle, we just like to be touching.  He will see me across the room, scootch/army crawl over, and if I don't immediately pick him up, he just rests his little head on my foot and begs.  Rotten.

I feel the same way, love.  And I don't even get all my nourishment from you!

We found out that we were unexpectedly expecting Jack when the girls were the age that he is now.  I get it. This is an awesome age, and really the first time that that silly thought crosses one's mind...well, maybe just one more....

Jack, my love, I'm so glad God knew best.  We NEEDED you, sweet boy.


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  1. And that's Jack's Grammy next to him in the safari vehicle during her visit havin' a wonderful time with the fam.