Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jack - 4 Months!

I think I missed his 3 month post, but Jack is 4 months old today!

He is sweet and happy and healthy and resilient and loud and chunky and fun!

Last week he got up every hour and a half every night.  This week, he goes to bed at 8pm, up at 2am, then up for the day at 8am.  I like this week more than last week!!!!

My current favorite personality trait:  I lay him across my lap to get ready to feed him.  He chuckles (like a fat kid) for the 13 seconds it takes for me to get my shirt up.  Seriously cannot have a bad day around this baby!

His sisters love him.  Big time.

I leave you with this:

You are loved, little monkey,


  1. I LOVE wrist rolls! I think they are my favorite fat roll! Brynlee is my most petite little lady. Molly at this age was square (as wide as tall)! Lol Ellie had such cheeks that everyone made comments about how she never missed a meal. Such cute pics! You have a beautiful family!! Hope to meet them all when Megan moves to OKC!

  2. so sad i missed his chubby goodness! looking forward to seeing you on saturday!