Wednesday, December 5, 2012


When I was in college and then in chiropractic college, I developed then perfected a specific procrastination technique.  A big test would be looming in the near future, and I would begin to plan be able to study.  Notice that I didn't say, "I would begin to study".  Nope, not me.  The prep went something like this:

*Organize notes, books, study guides, notecards, etc.
*Buy new highlighters, pens, notebook, etc.
*Sit down with syllabus and begin the higher math process that would help me arrive at the exact grade I needed to score on specific exam to get an A, B, or C (whatever the case may be).
*Use even higher math skills to determine just how much studying would be required to achieve exact score.
*Clean room
*Clean house
*Be certain all dishes and laundry were done
*Grocery shop and prepare a few meals
*Coordinate with friends to ensure availability for study party group

THEN, I could get to work.

Well, friends, I have completed the aforementioned tasks to now be able to blog again.

I got out of the habit.  We moved, and much settling in was required.  We opened a business, and much work was/is required.  We have three kids still...

Everyday, 4pm, naked.

First I had to organize all my pictures.
Then I had to research new websites to see if I needed to change the way I blog.
Then we had to get family pictures.
Next I had to beg a friend to put family picture on the blog and re-vamp it. (THANK YOU, DAISY!!)
Then I had to buy a desk and lamp and power strip.
Then I had to set up an 'office' in our bedroom....
You get the idea.

I've missed this.  I NEED this.  I need your sweet comments.  I need a record of the fiasco that is everyday life here.  I will (hopefully) one day need a reminder of how hard we worked to achieve our dreams, both professionally and for our family.

So, friends.  I'm back.

Missed ya!
The Momma

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