Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Funday

Oh, we are anxious for spring to get here and stay!  The girls love to be outside...they have even added ahsyyyy (outside) to their list of words!  When I open the back door in the morning to let Roxie out and then step out to feed and water her, I can count on little pitter patters trying to make their escape!!  Our backyard is so NOT fun.  No grass, no toys, nothing....they don't care even a little!  They run around, they throw rocks, they eat dirt, they chase Roxie...just fun!!

We also busted out the craft paper and crayons for the first time yesterday!  Dan and I had a blast...and the babes just scribbled on our artwork.  It didn't hold their attention for long, but even this morning they sat and colored for a while. 

I didn't even know crayons would write on skin....

Each new stage really does get better.  You couldn't have convinced me of that when they were newborn nuggets, but this stage is fun.  Exhausting, infuriating, is it almost bedtime? - FUN.


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  1. love the pics! they are getting so big. i found a craft on pinterest that i am going to have to make for the girls...something called cloud should check it out.