Friday, March 23, 2012


Before I had babies, I remember hearing other mothers make comments about dreading winter because their kids couldn't go outside...or anxiously awaiting spring, so their kids could go outside.  Yet another one of those things I just didn't "get".  Outside it the BOMB! 

The girls love to be in the wagon on a quick walk around the block.  They love to be in the stroller on a long walk in the bosque.  They love to escape out of the front door when I'm taking the trash out and just look around for a second.  They love the park. 

They loved Oklahoma dirt....and grass!!  It was such a novelty and a change from rocks and sand and cacti.  Lauren even had her first run in with an ant hill...she survived.

And, I'm so grateful that they love our backyard.  As far as backyards go, they got the short end of the stick.  Our backyard is a good size, but it is all rock and sand and cement.  There are no play structures, no grass, no soft place to fall....and they could care less!

They throw and eat dirt and rocks.  They sit and chat with Roxie or each other.  They throw a ball or push their "lawn mower".

She has a pacifier and a ton of rocks in her cup.  And is so proud!

They are just content, dusty, dirty, whole new brand of tired little girls.

Lovin' springtime!

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  1. isn't outside the best? i let the girls go out in our backyard as soon as breakfast is over. they would stay outside all day if i let them. the pics of your girls are adorable! missed you at the wedding.