Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For Posterity

There are some things of this week that I'd like to erase, erase from my memory...but I'm told that when they are 13 and doing other things to make me crazy, I'll want to remember. 

To start, two confessions:

1)  Sometimes when I call them the 'B's', I'm referring to the 'babes'.  Sometimes it's another B word.

2)  When I flick their head or swat their hand and they look at me like 'Is that all you got, momma???' I have to count to 10.  No, it's not 'all I got', B.

Yesterday we spent the day trying to learn not to hit.  They hit each other, they hit me, they hit the dog, they hit the couch...it was just a hitting kind of day.  This happened, of course, because I told someone last week that they didn't hit.  That's just how that works. 

There's something inherently wrong with hitting (swatting the back of their hand) as punishment for hitting.  But, it just comes so darn naturally!!  I'm only on day 2 of this hitting reprimand business, but I may have to explore other punishments.

By the end of the day yesterday, I had HAD it.  My mom tells me of telling the toddler me "I'm done with you today"...I was totally done with them yesterday.  Dan was gone late, so I had bath/bed time all to myself.  Bath went well, until right at the very end.  I had Lauren out, dry, lotioned, diapered on the rug in the bathroom while Kate finished soaking.  I was about to put her pj's on when I heard Kate's 'little old man' chuckle, looked up as a soaked wash cloth came bombing out of the bath onto dry Lauren and me.  It was hilarious and infuriating.  Kate thought she was a genius, Lauren thought it was a game, Momma wanted to leave them in the bathroom and have a cocktail (I DIDN'T!). 

Today's 'funny' came in the laundry room.  I was pulling the dry clothes from the dryer when the phone rang.  I left the door open (rookie mistake) and went to get the phone.  When I came back in 45 seconds later, both babies were in there, they had the lint trap out of the dryer, and had sprinkled lint all over all of the clean, dry clothes.  I mean, it actually took work for them to get it as small as it was.  Precious, B's, just precious.

I'll want to remember, right? 
The Momma B

P.S.  I realize that each story would have been better with a picture.  It never occurred to me to grab my camera....next time I'll try to do that instead of just counting to 10.

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  1. too funny. especially the washcloth incident. i wish i could tell you that it stops soon, but my girls get told, "no" and "stop" about a million times a day. oh, and molly's newest passion is pinching and scratching isabelle. it is awesome. i don't know why i will want to remember all of this....i guess only time will tell!