Sunday, March 24, 2013


K is for Kate
K is for Tiss (kiss)
K is for k-k-k-krazy.

An education professional I am not.  Why is this evident, you ask?  Well, because, I LOVE that little exchange up there.  I make them repeat it because it's k-k-k-kute.  I would never even THINK to correct them!

Krazy is taking three babies to the zoo on Spring Break Friday by yourself to meet a (hopeful) new friend and try to make a good impression.

"Lauren, wanna make out?" "No, Momma." "Fine, I'll make out with Daddy." "Ummmm, that would be so krazy!"

Kate's krazy hair.  "Momma, I have so many rectangles...rectangles hurt so bad when you brush them."

Taking the girls to see Sesame Street Live and literally running into Cookie Monster and Ernie before the show!  I seriously thought Lauren might have a stroke.

How big is this guy!!!??!  Almost one, you know!?  Army crawling everywhere, pulling up, eating table food, growing teeth, saying 'Momma'....big boy.

How much faster weeds grow!  I'm a little nervous about the thick, tall brush that is our backyard, but the girls are fearless - until there's a bug sighting!

Krazy how much fun I'm having...

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