Sunday, January 13, 2013

Annual Review

Farewell 2012.

Looking back, the word for 2012 was survival.

We survived a sudden death in the family.

We survived our house being on the market for what seemed like FOREVER to me at the time (pregnant, chasing 2 toddlers, and having to leave the house looking like only a single, home decorator lived there every time we ran to the grocery store.  Ugh.)

We survived moving, three times.  1) Half of our stuff into a storage shed.  2) Essentials into our Albuquerque rent house. 3) Everything to Edmond.

We survived losing a chunk of money on the sale of our home.

We survived (and loved) the birth of baby Jack.

We survived leaving our friends and patients in Albuquerque.

We survived opening a new practice in Edmond.

We survived the threat of a serious disease in our family.

I think if we did one of those stress quizzes, we might have topped out.

But we did survive.

Who wants to just survive, though?


Thrival is the *made-up* word for 2013.

I don't want a marriage that just survives.
I don't want to raise kids who just survived.
I don't want to have a business that just survives.


That's not to say that there won't be stuff that comes up that we'll have to survive.  It'll come.

But, it's time for there to be some fun in The Prince House!

And that would be my only resolution for 2013!

Happy New Year!!!  (Seriously, so happy to see you, New Year!)

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